This Division is responsible for the Research, Information and Design needs of the Corporation and its clients.  This responsibility is facilitated through the collaborative efforts of four units; Research and Information Services which maintains and manages the Information Services Centre, website and databases; Records Management; Design Services; and Information Technology.


  1. Preparation of reports for internal and external use on sectors, emerging trends and issues of interest to the industrial sector and the local business community.
  2. Preparation and analysis of trade, employment and investment statistics.
  3. Preparation of policy and other papers on areas of interest to Industrial Development.
  4. Conducting and or facilitating surveys of relevance to industry.
  5. Preparation of Market Studies which may include conducting research in overseas markets.
  6. Preparation of studies of sectors which fall under the BIDC's portfolio.
  7. Preparation of publications such as the BIDC's quarterly magazine "The Barbados Business Catalyst", the BIDC's Annual Report and "The Directory of Manufacturers and Service Companies".
  8. Maintenance of a database of BIDC's clients.
  9. Maintenance of statistics on the Special Technical Assistance Programme.
  10. Preparation of responses to several queries received by the Corporation.
  11. The provision of advice and assistance to companies and analysis of applications for benefits accorded under the Fiscal Incentives Act.
  12. The management of the BIDC Information Services Centre with its resources of journals, reports, magazines and catalogues on several subjects.
  13. The management of the BIDC's Website.
  14. The management of the corporate strategic planning process of the BIDC.
  15. The co-ordination of the BIDC's Annual Awards ceremony.




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