Special Technical Assistance (STA) Programme

The Government of Barbados has expanded the Special Technical Assistance (STA) programme to enhance the international competitiveness of local manufacturing operations, service companies, craft producers and small businesses.

Participating companies will be audited and benchmarked: Auditing analyses a company to determine its strengths and weaknesses, while Benchmarking further analyses a company in key areas (e.g., management, finance, production, marketing, etc.) to determine requirements for making it more competitive. The auditing and benchmarking services are provided free of charge to participants.


To be eligible for assistance, companies should satisfy certain criteria, including:

  • Be established fo at least one year
  • Consent to an operational audit
  • If a tenant of the BIDC, have rent payments up-to-date, or satisfactory arrangements in place for bringing the account up-to-date
  • Be in good financial standing with governmental authorities, or have satisfactory arrangements for payment


Activities funded under the STA programme include:

  • Training and productivity enhancement
  • Marketing
  • Plant upgrade consultation
  • Operational redesign
  • Product development
  • International standards certification

Interested in participating in the Special Technical Assistance Programme?  New clients should contact the BIDC at (246) 427-5350 to speak with a Business Development Officer; existing clients should contact one of the Officers previously assigned to their business.

The Special Technical Assistance Programme Application form can be found here


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