In 2011 Barbados was ranked at number 12 among the top 20 fattest nations of the world. In Barbados, 74% of women and 55% of men were overweight. About 36% of women were considered obese.
With waistlines continuing to expand, the plus-size market is certainly one of the fastest-growing sectors of the women's ready-to-wear industry, experts say. Yet, its potential seems to be continuously eluding manufacturers and stymieing retailers. This is a market waiting impatiently to be listened to and to be catered to.

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The Paper Products, Printing & Publishing Subsector in Barbados

The Paper, Printing & Publishing subsector in Barbados has been a major source of foreign exchange and employment in the Barbadian economy for a very long time. Since the dawn of its existence, the subsector has been characterized by small family-owned businesses with 74% of these business employing less than 25 persons.

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The Food Sector in Barbados: 2015

The Food subsector recorded a mixed performance in 2015. Declines were recorded in both the number of operating companies during the review period and in the level of employment. Additionally, food exports weakened, recording a decrease of a decline of 14.8% or Bds$ 13.1 million.

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The Craft Subsector in Barbados 2015

The Barbadian craft sector has evolved significantly throughout the years. In its infant stages the sector had the traditional cottage industry structure where artisans produced practical products for individual domestic use and later souvenir items for the tourist market, but has since shifted to factory-based operations producing goods for both the local and export markets.

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The Chemicals & Chemical Products Sector in BARBADOS 2015 Report

Throughout the years, the chemical sector has contributed to the diversification of the manufacturing industry and by extension the Barbadian economy. The sector has provided much support in creating
employment opportunities, producing quality intermediary and consumer products and earning valuable foreign exchange.

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